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What we do

DX'pedition Antenna makes custom DX antennas for DX'peditions.

The goal is to produce and offer antenna which are suited for DX'pedition operations. That means the antenna are not general purpose, but rather are optimized for a set of environments that are special for the DX'pedition situation.


The main antenna we make is the VDA. The VDA is a Vertical Dipole Array.

DX-Special VDA

It is called the DX-Special VDA and is made specifically in certain band configurations (20m through 6m). Although we can and will make them for up to 30m.

The DX-Special VDA has one purpose - to receive and transmit near salt-water environments. There are no radials.

The effectivity of the antenna is enhanced by the salt/marine environment.

DX-Special VDA Features:

* The 30m is not a typical configuration. It requires more guy-line harnessing than the others. But we can make it nonetheless.

Upon request, other antenna designs considered will be evaluated. "Bespoke" antenna fabrication is possible. Make a request for your needs.

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